Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Election Day Musings on November 2, 2010

Some random election day musings from friends on Facebook:

GAME DAY. To all my friends fighting the good fight: Go. Fight. Win.

Gotta remember to take out the trash tomorrow.

Yes, Bring our state back to it's christian roots and vote out those that stand opposed to the ideals 99% of us were brought up with.

Only a half day of work! Only 2 days 23 hours and 52 minutes until the ship pulls out!!!

congratulates the S.F. Giants for winning the World Series!

OK, now what do I do with all the candy left over? I wonder if I can freeze it for next year:).

...and so hibernation begins...just keep the library open please....oh, and the coffee shops with wifi to have a place to read or use the computer that relieves cabin fever. Thanks!

To all my friends posting "Alcohol is more lethal than heroin" articles: I suppose you won't mind if next time I come over, I bring my works and some fine brown sugar instead of my usual Rosso di Montalcino. Or if instead of going for drinks, we head to a local shooting gallery instead.

Whoppers! The girtty center, bathed in waxy, faux chocolate, polished to an unnatural sheen- no wonder thet pakage them together with Reeses and Kit-Kat. It's the only way they can get rid of the things.

I will say this Democratic candidates: Please try not to be on the verge of losing your job every two years. Please try to do better so I can vote for a 3rd party candidate who more accurately reflects my beliefs every once in a while, and not feel compelled to do this lesser of two evils things to save our country's ass from the likes of Carly Fiorina.


thinks Nicholas Kristof's advice to America to NOT "allow economic malaise to cloud our judgment and magnify America’s problems in ways that become self-fulfilling" is the wisest that he has heard in this boisterous election season.

Newt Gingrich keeps calling me, and I keep hanging up on him. You'd think he'd get the hint...

Obama called my Moms house last night! She tried to interrupt him cause we had a couple questions but she couldn't get a word in lol!

We got an extremely folksy call that sounded exactly like a Sarah Palin impersonator ... but was in fact a recording of the real thing.

Thinking of writing political ad scripts, they go like this: (Dark, foreboding music) My opponent is evil, stupid, and selfish. He/she is only interested in money and special interests. (Music changes to bright, cheery stuff). But I'm "insert name here", and I'll work hard for you.

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