Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Enter through the Ice Cream Parlour, Exit through the Gift Shop

My feud with the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square is over.

It was no contest really. After all, they have the movie screens and I don't. I did take the precaution of checking online to make sure they had something good playing, as the one lesson I have learned is that can no longer be trusted.

I walked over from Cambridge on Monday to take in Exit through the Gift Shop. It was a hot afternoon in the 90s, and I took care to walk only on the shady side of the street. All the streets between Cambridge and Somerville are a little shady. When I arrived there was A/C.

It was a 5:20 show on a Monday, and the ticket was $5. So that made me happy. And I got a small bowl of ice cream for $3.25. A small bowl is plenty unless you are sharing with someone else, in which case the small bowl is still plenty. That's $8.25 for a movie and a heaping bowl of ice cream. Deal!

Exit through the Gift Shop is about street art and popular art and what makes some art worth pursuing and other art not. It's being held out as a Banksy film. And it features a filmographer and artist named Thierry Guetta. And it is a thoroughly entertaining story that is completely untrustworthy.

Oh, how long did my Somerville Theatre boycott last? Seven weeks and a day.

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