Monday, July 5, 2010

Ford Falcon Parked on Beacon Hill Private Way

I was wandering around the base of Beacon Hill in Boston on July 4th, and due to the closed off streets came across this private way. The idea of a privately-owned street in a modern city may seem like an anachronism, but you should see what I found parked on that private way.

Yes, that's a Ford Falcon convertible and it looks like its been parked there gathering rust since 1960. I don't know the Falcon model years, so someone can correct me if it has only been there since 1970.

As to the contraption mounted on the back (click the picture to enlarge), I haven't a clue but it appears to have been there for 50 years too.

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Megan Johnson said...

i love this little cul-de-sac, i guess if you could call it that. beautiful buildings.