Saturday, July 3, 2010

German Blitz Gives Argentina Something to Cry About

The German team wore black, the German Chancellor wore red. All the South American fans could do was cry for Argentina as she went down 4-0 in the Word Cup quarterfinal round. And all German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to do was pace the stands in her red dress and smile her confident smile.

The German blitz took down England 4-1 on June 27 in the round of 16. Their play in the first stage group play was no less decisive, winning their opener against Australia (4-0) and then cruising through a loss to Serbia (0-1) and a win over Ghana (1-0).

Update: Here's some footage of German Team manager Joachim Löw that probably won't make the highlight reel on German TV:

Update 2: Below is the red jacket Angela Merkel wore at a match in Berlin when Germany beat Argentina back in 2006. OK, the buttons were white and now are black but othewise this looks like the same jacket.

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