Saturday, July 10, 2010

Frank Ahearn Called to Manage the Big Comedy Club in the Sky

Frank Ahearn, legend of the Boston comedy club scene, passed away this week at age 53, he had suffered strokes in December and June. Frank was longtime manager of the Commedy Connection in Faneuil Hall and just last year opened Tommy's Comedy Lounge at the Charles Playhouse in the Theater District.

Back on May 24, his commedy friends responded to the organizing efforts of longtime Comedy Connection pal Paula Murphy by putting on the second of two benefit comedy shows to help with Frank's expenses. A third was in the works for August.

Harrison Stebbins emceed the benefit for Frank on the Shear Madness stage at the Charles Playhouse.

It's always fun to mock the members of the audience who have to use the restroom.

Steve Sweeney reminisces, "I'm from Charlestown so all my friends are dead." So sad, so true.

Chris Zito is a single dad who would like to go back to the days when he could roll a big fatty and smoke it in front of his kids.

Graig Murphy still has all his fingers.

Joe Wong hits home with the unsettling fact that while half of marriages end in divorce, the other half last forever. That's right, forever.

Joe List came up from Queens for the night, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Tess Rafferty of the boyfriend for 13 years is having trouble making the social adjustment for calls from her married friends. "You're pregnant? Is there somewhere I can drive you?"

Tess has a great snark face move where she looks to the left and talks to the right. You can catch her writing and occassionally catch her on the E! show The Soup.

Gary Gulman has his regrets, "Jesus was Jewish, we should have hung onto him. That was our Babe Ruth to the Yankees."

Paul Nardizzi loves reading a well-rounded story with a happy ending, particularly when written across the rear of a hot girl's shorts. Becase he loves to read.

Jimmy Tingle confessed to stealing Ted Kennedy's bicycle off the Harvard campus when he was a kid, and for his trouble looks to have been cursed in adulthood with Ted Kennedy's looks.

Frank Ahearn front and center with his posse in Las Vegas. Rest in peace.

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