Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Re: The Sarah Palin Playbook

We got a lot of responses to this one.

Response: UNSUBSCRIBE. Kind of sickening the amount of bald-faced lies the McCain campaign is slinging. Would prefer not to hear them repeated as truths.

LBOTC: I’m not saying that it’s true, just that it’s her “playbook.” Did you see that Karl Rove is now out there admitting that McCain is stretching the truth in some of his ads? Rove must be up to something that’s part of the playbook too.

Response: Did you see the ABC interviews? Odds of a major gaffe from this not-ready-for-prime-time candidate: 80% in the next 30 days. The biggest obstacle to Obama's candidacy is what it always has been: racism. Palin is just a nicer excuse for voting for the white guy.

LBOTC: Obama is polling in the same range as Gore and Kerry. I don’t know what the New York Times is up to in reporting that this is about white voters being racist. Calling voters racist is a sure way not to get their vote. Remember that the New York Times was one of the principal advocates in the press for the Iraq War. They may be playing a double game.

Response: Awesome!! Love it, love it, love. These make me so happy. Never piss off someone who writes better jokes than you! For sure!

Response: I think your falling in love. Just as I. But knowing you, you're waiting for the other shoe to drop as it will. 50 more days!!!

LBOTC: Shoe? That’s so sexist.

Response: LOL, where you come up with this stuff!! :))


Response: Hey. I like this Left Bank of the Charles thing, but are you a D or an R? I think you are a D, am I right? Ohio is getting weird. I am calling it for McCain right now. All of these Ohio farmer types love Sarah Palin. I think she is stupid, and I don’t want her leading the free world when Mc Cain dies. However, Obama needs to get back on the issues not on pork or women’s cosmetics. You can tell Karl Rove is in McCain’s web. [My daughter] has been at Michigan State University for about 3 weeks. She had so many credits she is already a sophomore. She plans to go to Harvard for law school and then become Ohio’s version of Hillary.

LBOTC: Don’t take this the wrong way, but Sarah Palin reminds me of you.

Response: I was in Denver for the convention. Exciting times. We have to win this.

LBOTC: Now it’s not 4 more years, it’s 12 more years.

Response: Thanks for sharing.

Response: Y'know what? I like this chick! I really don't like McCain, but I'm thinking I'll vote for him. That's how much I like her. I'm sure that would go over well at the lunch table!

LBOTC: You might be surprised.

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