Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lie to Nowhere

Today we got this email from the Obama campaign, titled "Lies to Nowhere".

"The McCain campaign has finally admitted that this election is about change.

"Their new ad uses what news organizations are calling "naked lies" to reinvent two politicians whose records embody the same culture of corruption and far-right policies we've seen from the Bush administration.

"The biggest whopper in the ad (that's still being repeated day after day by McCain and Palin on the campaign trail) is that Governor Palin stopped the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" -- in fact, she supported it, and even hired a lobbyist in Washington to get more pork-barrel projects like it.

"If the McCain-Palin campaign wants to have a debate about who is prepared to bring the change we need, we're more than ready.

"Here are the facts ...Sarah Palin was a vocal supporter of the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" -- the symbol of the Republican culture of corruption -- turning her back on it only after the project's bloated pork-barrel waste was exposed."

We may need to go to the dictionary on what the word "lie" means, but we understand Palin did stop work on the bridge project and no bridge is being built. The whole objection to earmarks is on money being spent on bad projects that could be saved or at least spent better. Presumably thought the projects she supported were good projects. So where is the "lie?" Nowhere that I can see.

We've noticed that Barack Obama says he wants to stop the Iraq War, but also says he wants to continue it for 18 months after he takes office. And send more troops to Afganistan. That's the same kind of "lie" he's accusing Palin of.

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