Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Proposes League of Democracies

John McCain proposed a new League of Democracies to replace the United Nations during last night's debate:

"I've had conversation with foreign leaders about forming a league of democracies. Let's be clear and let's have some straight talk. The Russians are preventing significant action in the United Nations Security Council. I have proposed a league of democracies, a group of people - a group of countries that share common interests, common values, common ideals, they also control a lot of the world's economic power. ... So I am convinced that together we can, with the French, with the British, with the Germans and other countries, democracies around the world"

That's an interesting notion. Of course, the French, British, and Germans have already joined such a league. It is called the European Union. And we think we've heard that "together we can" slogan before.

Barack Obama's response that we need "some cooperation with some countries like Russia and China that are not democracies" also merits some consideration.

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