Sunday, September 14, 2008

Democrats Clash in Watertown and West Cambridge

Four democrats are vying for the 29th Middlesex district seat in the Massachusetts State House of Representatives. This district includes West Cambridge and Watertown, both on the left bank of the Charles River. The seat was held by longtime Representative Rachel Kaprielian, who was appointed last May to become Registrar of Motor Vehicles, after 13 years of service in the seat.

The primary election is Tuesday, September 16, 2008. This is a write-in election, where voters will either have to write in their candidate’s name or use a pre-printed sticker provided by the candidate. In our one party cities, the winner of this primary will likely go on to win the general election in November. Here are the candidates who have declared they are running:

Stephen Corbett – Stephen lives in Watertown with his wife and three kids. He is a construction contractor and real estate developer. He has served on the Watertown City Council. He has some great ideas on some issues including the Iraq War: “Our troops fighting abroad and securing our country need our support, the war in Iraq must end as soon as possible, and the Bush Administration will, thankfully, come to a close in less than six months.” Perhaps more relevant to the Massachusetts Legislature, on unions Stephen favors a level playing field between labor and management.

Jon Hecht – Jon lives in Watertown with his wife and three kids and is a Watertown Councilor. He is an attorney and cofounder of the China Law Center at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. His wife is a public health economist. He has been endorsed by Governor Deval Patrick. Jon is undoubtedly the candidate of the Cambridge elite, despite the Watertown address. But the day job in New Haven seems like a long commute to give us the attention we deserve on Beacon Hill.

Julia Fahey – Julia is a local girl (Watertown public schools) who has made good as a young staff attorney for Service Employees International Union/National Association of Government Employees (SEIU/NAGE). She views the State House seat as an opportunity to serve the district full time. She has been endorsed by Congressman Michael Capuano, the former Mayor of Somerville, who says she will be an advocate for working men and women. Julia favors support for green jobs and developing renewable energy in Massachusetts.

Josh Weisbuch – Josh lives in Watertown or maybe Newton in what his Facebook page describes as an open relationship with partner Erika. He describes himself as a former intern in the Clinton White House. Since then he has been a computer consultant, and Josh says he is all about “solutions.” The issues page on Josh’s web site says “coming soon...” Josh, the election is Tuesday, this Tuesday.

Julia Fahey sports that eyeglass-wearing-librarian look that has recently become so popular, and we like her candidate statement too, so she gets the endorsement of the Left Bank of the Charles. She is also the only candidate to send us her sticker.

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