Friday, July 6, 2012

Mitt Romney Gets Spindled by the WSJ and the USPS

Coming off a big fundraising month in June, Mitt Romney is getting spindled by some likely and unlikely people.

First, the Unites States Post Office. A Romney mailer arrives at my 01238 Cambridge address marked "DO NOT BEND PHOTO ENCLOSED". The postman, of course, gave it a little roll before putting it in my mailbox. That's to be expected if you live in these parts. And to be fair, the Romney mailer was to big to be inserted into the mailbox without being spindled.

Then, the Wall Street Journal. Under the heading "Romney's Tax Confusion" the WSJ editiorial board gave Romney this negative spin:
"Mr. Romney promised Republicans that he was the best man to make the case against President Obama, whom they desperately want to defeat. So far Mitt Romney is letting them down."
To be fair, they probably got their notices that News Corp is going to spin off its print assets, presumably into an inevitable oblivion.

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