Monday, July 9, 2012

Dark Night, Not Rising, at Harvard Square Theater

This was the Harvard Square Theater marquee a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that the 5 screen movie theater would be closing for good on Sunday July 8.

This was the marquee Sunday: 1925-2012 Thank You and Good-Bye.

It's sad to lose a movie theater has been here since talkies, but the old timers fondly remember the days with one screen and a balcony and for them the 5 screen megaplex was an abomination.

Hope that a different chain might have purchased the building with plans to continue to run it as a movie house have been quashed by rumors AMC sold the building for more money than even 5 profitable movie screens would be worth.

I gave last movie honors to Brave 3D at 9:50pm on Sunday. It was sadly ironic watching the trailers for movies that will open everywhere else but here.

I stayed through the very end of the credits and got the Disney logo:

Some final credits:

Update: The latest word is that the Harvard Square Theater building has been snapped up by Carpenter & Company, owner of the Charles Hotel in Cambridge and Liberty Hotel in Boston. Cambridge Seven Associate has been hired to to study possible future uses. Carpenter & Company President Richard Friedman muses:
"It's a gigantic blank wall on an important street. We hope to do something there that would be good urban planning."
That doesn't sound like they plan to keep it as a movie theater. The report is that AMC bought the building in 1986 for $9.3 million and sold it for $6.5 million. With 32,000 square feet, you could create thirty-two 1,000 sq. ft. condos or a retail space similar to the Garage or Galeria.

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