Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gingrich Wins the Huck-a-bee as Cain Goes Out on Infidelity

I'm not sure we can call last night's candidate forum hosted by Mike Huckabee on Fox a debate, but it certainly brought the race back to a dull normal after the spectacular cancellation of The Herman Cain Show. That's too bad, I kind of liked that show.

But Herman Cain's misfortune has turned into Newt Gingrich's good fortune, as he wins his first debate round on Facebook. The great irony is that the man who stayed with his wife has to cede to the man who has twice confirmed his failings by divorcing to marry the object of his infidelity.

CandidateWed 11/23 NoonSun 12/4 NoonPickup
Newt Gingrich184,096202,20018,104
Mitt Romney1,191,5401,205,22113,681
Ron Paul596,853608,76011,907
Herman Cain392,326397,3525,026
Jon Huntsman24,80026,4411,641
Rick Santorum32,77833,8021,024
Gary Johnson144,584144,921337
Rick Perry171,496171,469-27
Michele Bachmann459,164458,950-214

If I'm not ready to take Newt Gingrich seriously, his support growth is certainly staying on pace, but I think he needs to pick it up a couple of more notches. He is leading the pack but not breaking away from the pack the way Herman Cain did.

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