Friday, December 16, 2011

Ron Paul Counts Coup In Sioux City Debate Round

Ron Paul won the first Iowa debate round last week and following last night's debate in Sioux City, Iowa has won the second round this week. On Facebook he added more net new followers (14,401) than all other Republican candidates combined (13,949).

CandidateSun 12/11 NoonFri 12/16 NoonPickup
Ron Paul621,225635,62614,401
Mitt Romney1,213,4681,220,6437,175
Newt Gingrich212,027216,9054,878
Rick Santorum35,03636,4841,448
Rick Perry175,399176,8291,430
Jon Huntsman27,72828,9661,238
Michele Bachmann459,050460,043993
Gary Johnson145,181145,446265
Herman Cain394,473390,995-3,478

That tap on Mitt Romney's shoulder is not the Republican Party picking him as its standard bearer. It's Ron Paul counting coup.

The fabled Newt Gingrich surge is over. He's down to third place in this round.

Michele Bachmann joins Rick Perry in the surprisingly still has a pulse category. Rick Santorum has moved up to fourth place, and he'll be happy to hold that spot on Iowa caucus night.

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