Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prettiest Face on Facebook, Biggest Twit on Twitter

While Mitt Romney is the prettiest face on Facebook, Newt Gingrich is the biggest twit on Twitter. That may just sum up the Republican race.

CandidateFollowers on FacebookFollowers on Twitter
Mitt Romney1,219,951200,419
Newt Gingrich216,6031,379,077

Here are the full bimonthly Twitter counts, maybe Newt isn't the biggest twit after all:

CandidateFollowers on 6/15/2011Followers on 8/15/2011Followers on 10/15/2011Followers on 12/15/2011
Barack Obama8,628,2739,654,44610,576,75711,544,286
Newt Gingrich1,324,9041,327,0131,334,8481,379,077
Mitt Romney51,58071,882134,459200,419
Michele Bachmann52,10075,731104,362122,084
Rick Perry44,43862,89596,509108,645
Ron Paul54,45561,76370,77887,471
Jon Huntsman70411,87541,10761,399
Rick Santorum10,52917,42432,05946,597
Gary Johnson--14,11316,857
Donald Trump615,671686,929802,054911,203
Sarah Palin561,050632,179677,857702,418
Mike Bloomberg99,413132,520174,137199,761
Mike Huckabee165,040183,523185,516187,861
Herman Cain43,54258,164118,117172,087
Jim DeMint95,266110,421112,931115,256
Paul Ryan59,09472,07381,20389,628
Chris Christie42,04150,83268,65777,892
Bobby Jindal59,59861,53064,19666,787
Tim Pawlenty40,98148,99255,50862,272
Thaddeus McCotter-19,72627,47733,416
Jeb Bush14,93717,26319,86421,874
Total Republican Followers3,335,3433,702,7354,215,7524,663,004

Not much change in order since October. Herman Cain is out and Mike Bloomberg moved up a notch among the not running.

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