Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Town Takes All the Parking

Ben Affleck has been filming the movie The Town in Harvard Square. The movie is about the bank robber subculture in Charlestown, and they shot some scenes at the Cambridge Savings Bank (which will be the Cambridge Merchants Bank in the movie) and around the corner on Dunster Street.

The movie crew put up its own temporary street signs. If you are not with the movie, good luck finding parking in Harvard Square!

The director's chairs.

Crew sets up in front of Cambridge Savings Bank.

Required grainy picture of Ben Affleck with his crew.

Movie trucks take all the parking spots on JFK Street.

Mr. Cesspool can stop anywhere he wants, for however long he wants. Yes, the sign says Tow Zone, No Stopping. We certainly hope Mr. Cesspool eventually gets towed away.

Filming at night on Dunster Street.

More filming at night.

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