Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drew Hickum & The Colonels Play Toad

Toad is our local, and we stopped by Saturday for the late set. It was not crowded like we feared, and no one got heckled like the last time we were here (if you don't count the guy taking the annoying flash pictures).

We caught Drew Hickum & The Colonels, a band out of Northampton.

Drew Hickum.

Drew Hickum and Lisa Marie.

Drew Hickum (guitar, vocals), Lisa Marie (guitar, vocals), Peter Sohriakoff (bass, vocals), and Sasha Starr (drums).

Toad music programming note: Tim Gearnan, who owned Monday nights at Toads for the last decade, has given way to Jen Kearney and The Lost Onion. Yu can still catch Tim on Friday nights at Atwoods Tavern and Sunday nights at the Burren.

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