Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bowled Over and Boarded Up

For years the Bowl & Board store at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Trowbridge Street served as a landmark for the eastern end of Harvard Square.

The family-owned chain started in 1966 as a single store in Hingham, and ultimately expanded to stores in Brookline, Cambridge, Martha's Vineyard, and Providence, Rhode Island. The stores specialized in kitchenwares, other housewares, and furniture, often with a hand-crafted look. When founder Bill Giarrusso retired, daughter Maria took over the island store and son Mark took over the mainland stores.

The Hingham store closed in January 2008. The Cambridge store followed in August 2008, with a move to a new location in Davis Square, Somerville. The Brookline store closed in February 2009, as the company tried to stave off creditors by reorganizing in bankruptcy.

The story, which has been followed closely on NPR's All things Considered, seems now to have reached its final chapter. That is Chapter 7, bankruptcy liquidation.

The doors are now locked at the Davis Square location, and the landlord has put Lease signs in the windows.

The Coolidge Corner location in Brookline remains empty.

The building at landmark location in Harvard Square still carries the remains of the Bowl & Board signage, and has been empty now for over a year.

Even the company website has been closed down.

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Eric D. Fields said...

I just noticed the for lease sign on the davis square store today. This is somewhat sad, as it had 99% of the types of things you'd need from a bed bath and beyond type store, and it was right in our backyard.