Monday, October 20, 2008

Squirrelly Season

The Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee sent me this video. According to Chris Matthews, "If you are a little bit squirrelly, this may put you over the edge."

Be warned that this goes on for about 15 minutes. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a Republican from Minnesota who the DCCC would like to defeat in November. But here's what I don't get, why should this video make me more likely to oppose Michele Bachmann or support Barack Obama?

Bachmann accuses Barack Obama of hanging out with an anti-American crowd, which is true but not the whole story. Matthews tries to get Bachmann to say that all liberals are anti-American, which she doesn't do. She also declined to answer Chris Matthews request for the number of anti-Americans currently serving in Congress. He's asking her that so he can compare her with Joe McCarthy, whose concern in the 1950s was with how many communists were in the State Department.

But who should be offended, unless they are anti-American? Of course, the anti-American crowd may round up enough votes to get Obama elected and Bachmann defeated, because that's the American way. Will they then be the pro-Americans and Michele the anti-American?

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