Monday, June 2, 2008

Re: Memorial Day Weekend

From one of our Iowa correspondents:

Last night was a stormy night. We had all kinds of severe storm warnings for our county and those around, but we escaped any really bad storms, just hard rain, wind and a little hail. Northeast Iowa was not so fortunate, for there were tornadoes and several deaths.

The local Legion put up the Avenue of Flags (342 this year) at the cemetery on Friday. I drove out there that evening and though the wind was very strong they were flying beautifully. They lined the road all the way from the gate to the south fence. On Saturday morning a strong and twisting wind came up along with heavy rain. The flags were already heavy with overnight rain. Flag poles were bent and whipped and tattered flags were on the ground, across the road, and in total disarray. There was nothing to do but take them in. I have no idea of the monetary damage but it is considerable. All of us felt bad, for the sight of the flags is breath-taking and the work involved in putting them up and taking them in is enormous. Each flag is for a veteran who has passed on.

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