Saturday, June 21, 2008

John McCain in the News

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Sanity On Energy Policy
Tampa Bay Times: Crist Likes McCain's Drilling Plan, Wouldn't Rule It Out For Florida
Nashua Telegraph: McCain Forum Idea Deserves A Chance
Houston Chronicle: Visiting Houston, McCain Urges Diverse Energy Sources
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: McCain Brings Campaign To Southwest Missouri
Union Leader: A Plan For Defeat: Obama's Iraq Doublespeak
New York Daily News: John McCain Backed By Army Of Women In March To Presidency
Reuters: McCain Touts Energy Conservation And Oil Exploration
Washington Times: 'Maverick' McCain Bedevils Democrats
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Obama Takes Heat On Lack Of Iraq Trips
John McCain 2008 Launches New TV Ad: "Safe"
The Wall Street Journal: Why Obama Must Go to Iraq
Los Angeles Times: Obama The Naive
South Florida Sun-Sentinel: McCain To Visit Everglades To Seek Support Of Independents, Floridians
Chicago Tribune: McCain Says He's Ready to Bring Change
The New York Times: McCain Sharpens His Foreign Policy Attacks on Obama
USA Today: McCain To Urge Other Nations To Cut Off Funds To Iran
Washington Post: The Iraqi Upturn
Newsweek: The Man Who Made McCain
Des Moines Register: S.D. Senator Praises McCain's Credentials
Catholic News Agency: McCain Pledges to Use Roberts, Alito as Model Supreme Court Nominees
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin: McCain Attempts To Woo Blue Collars
Phoenix Business Journal: McCain Wants Expanded Disclosure Rules on Businesses to Aid in Child Porn, Sex Trade Investigations
Reuters: McCain Backs Incentives to Boost Offshore Oil
Greensboro News and Record: McCain Outlines Vision On Judges
USA Today: McCain Talks Free Trade, Freedom at Michigan University
Washington Post: McCain Vows to Push Religious Freedom
Detroit Free Press: McCain Focuses on Civil Rights During OU Stop
The Charlotte Observer: Voters To Get 'Stark Choice'
National Review: McCain's Judicial Promise
Reuters: McCain Woos Hispanics and Launches Spanish Web Site
National Review: The Right Rx
The New Republic: On The DNC's "Disingenuous" Attack Ad
Business Week: McCain's Health Care Proposal
Allentown (PA) Morning Call: Next Stop for Arizona Senator: Lehigh Valley Hospital
Time Magazine: The Great Health Care Debate is Finally Engaged
L.A. Times: Open-Market Healthcare is McCain's Goal
USA Today: McCain Would 'Put Families In Charge' Of Health Care
Associated Press: McCain Says Most Americans Willing To Sacrifice
Quad City Times (IA): McCain Strikes in Iowa
St. Petersburg Times: McCain Makes Health Care Policy Speech in Tampa
Miami Herald: McCain Pushes Tax Credits, Healthcare Reforms
The Allentown Morning Call: McCain Visit To Target Health Care

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