Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keeping up with Rickie Lee Jones

It was standing room only Thursday night at Johnny D’s in Somerville as Rickie Lee Jones took the stage. The Duchess of Coolsville played for almost two hours. Her jazz folk rock style went down smooth, playing first on piano and then on acoustic guitar. Her four-piece band was always with her, even when she went down the cul-de-sacs of forgotten lyrics and improvised bridges, and never over-powered. She was, as on the last two occasions, I’ve seen her, the consummate performer and her voice is as beguiling as ever.

We stood out on the edge of the packed dance floor for a while, then gravitated to the back and hung out with Peter Wolf, frontman for the J. Geils Band (“Love Stinks”).

Rickie Lee Jones will be back at Johnny D’s on Thursday, June 26 and Thursday, July 3. Johnny D’s is still mourning the death this past April of longtime owner Tina De Lellis. We hope the place doesn’t change too much.

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