Thursday, January 31, 2008

Florida primary results

So here’s the run down on Florida:

Hillary Clinton – the beauty contest winner is all smiles, and with numbers like 50% she may not see her shadow on Groundhog Day.
Barak Obama – Florida wasn’t impressed that he kept his promise to Iowa and New Hampshire voters not to campaign in Florida.
John Edwards – bowed out after finishing third, but didn’t say which of the two Americas he is retiring to.

McCain – takes the lead with 96 delegates to 65 for Romney
Romney – the silver medal strategy won’t work if he keeps finishing second to McCain
Guiliani – third place in his firewall state and bows out with a big nod to McCain
Huckabee – last chance is to sweep the Southern states on Super Tuesday
Ron Paul – his claim that he is more viable than Guiliani just became irrelevant

But the big unreported news from Florida: Florida supports the war. Barak Obama didn’t fare well. Neither did Mike Huckabee, who has been sometimes critical of Bush’s foreign policy. Ron Paul, the Republican anti-war candidate, got 3% which is about half or a third of the fringe he normally gets. McCain put Romney away by accusing him of supporting a secret timeline for withdrawal. With Florida being a swing state, this could be major in November. And 1,684,380 voted in the Democratic primary, 1,920,350 voted in the Republican primary.

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