Monday, January 28, 2008

South Carolina primary results

So here’s the rundown after South Carolina with a week to Super Tuesday, and a short stop this Tuesday in Florida (Florida’s punishment for being naughty and having a January primary: only half its delegates at stake for the Republicans, no delegates for the Democrats).

Barak Obama – big win in SC expands his pledged delegate lead 63 to 48 and gets the Kennedy endorsement.
Hillary Clinton – if she sees her shadow on Groundhog Day, expect 6 more weeks of race-baiting.
John Edwards – the not-so-favorite son finished last in his native state of South Carolina, now sleeping on a grate under a bridge.
Dennis Kucinich – hoped to create some press attention by dropping out on Friday

Mitt Romney – got the endorsement of Liz Cheney, the Vice President’s daughter who isn’t gay.
John McCain – waiting to hear him give a speech without the phrase “my friends”
Mike Huckabee – increasingly preaching to an empty choir
Ron Paul – hope is to win the Florida butterfly vote of befuddled elderly voters
Guiliani – last hope is to edge out Ron Paul for fourth in Florida
Fred Thompson – so long, we hardly knew you.

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