Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michigan primary results

Romney wins half a gold (half of Michigan’s delegates were revoked as punishment for holding its primary in January). All the major Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign in Michigan, and all but Hillary withdrew their names from the ballot (clever girl, didn’t campaign, got 55% of the vote). Not much love for Ohio Stater Dennis Kucinich at 5%.

Republican delegate count

Romney 52
Huckabee 22
McCain 15
Thompson 6
Paul 2
Hunter 1
Giuliani 1

A dozen senior campaign staffers for Rudy Giuliani are forgoing their January paychecks. And why not, all the evidence says they took the month off. Most have been spotted down in Florida, no doubt working on their tans. No campaign money troubles, just a vacation without pay is how I’d spin it. And why campaign in Iowa or New Hampshire in January when you can be down in Florida? Rudy may have proved it possible to be even lazier than Fred Thompson. Watch for Romney to make some big media buys and rack up the delegates on February 5.

Democratic delegate count:

Clinton 190 (24 earned)
Obama 103 (25 earned)
Edwards 51 (18 earned)

Watch them play the race dance: If Hillary offends blacks, she can’t win in November. If Barak offends whites, he can’t win in November. If Barak offends Hillary, he can’t be her VP. If Hillary offends Barak, she can’t be his VP. Meanwhile, John Edwards is polling third in South Carolina, state of his birth. Born and bred in the briar patch doesn’t count as much as it used to, I guess.

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