Friday, January 6, 2012

Paulistas Paint Huntsman as Manchurian Candidate

This video is funny in a way that is completely unfair and arguably racist. Or is it?

Jon Huntsman has been trading on the sex appeal of his beautiful American daughters in these online videos:

Now it turns out he has two more daughters, one adopted from China (now age 12) and one adopted from India (now age 6), that didn't rate (make the age cut?) for video appearances with their older sisters.

The Machurian Candidate video was posted on the YouTube Channel NHLiberty4Paul, and so appears to be the work of Paulista supporting the candidacy of Ron Paul. Or is it?

Politico reports that the Ron Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton sent them an email denouncing the video: "The video is disgusting. Whoever put that up should remove it immediately."

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