Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alabama Beats LSU 21-0 for the BCS National SEC Conference Championship

Alabama (12-1) looked great in their 21-0 win over Lousiana State in the BCS National Championship Bowl last night on January 9. But Oklahoma State (12-1) also won a great victory 41-38 in overtime over Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl on January 9. Unless Alabama and Oklahoma agree to play next weekend, I am declaring a tie for the college football nation championship.

Will the BCS explain:

(1) How they can have 35 bowl games with 70 teams over the 4 weekends between December 17 to January 10, but can't put the best 16 teams into a playoff for the national championship.

(2) How they can have no college bowl games on Janaury 1, just because it was a Sunday, and not hold the championship game until January 10.

(3) How the national championship game can come down to two schools from the same conference who played each other earlier in the year.


Anonymous said...

You obviously know little about the teams and conferences you're writing about. I hate 'Bama. I was born and raised in Louisiana as a Tigers fan, but I'm also a realist.

'Bama dominated every phase of the first meeting, except the final score. And last night, 'Bama destroyed LSU. LSU didn't even cross the 50-yard line until seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter!

Oklahoma State, however, lost to a .500 team in Iowa State. In its bowl game against Stanford, OSU escaped with an overtime win. Stanford LOST the game. OSU didn't win it. Stanford was much more physical than OSU, and OSU did not look impressive. And that was against Stanford, an overrated team that Oregon absolutely destroyed two years straight.

Because OSU's head coach called out the SEC, the BCS should've paired his team against Arkansas. Instead, we watched Arkansas dismantle another overrated Big 12 team in Kansas State.

I do agree the BCS is screwed up, but it comes down to money, a lot of it. Most of the bowl games feature teams that don't belong anywhere near a bowl game. And when the BCS features a worthless Sugar Bowl game between Michigan and Virginia Tech simply because more of their fans will travel (read "MONEY"), then the system is totally broken.

Left Bank of the Charles said...

You're judging football teams on style points like they were figure skaters.

So you take offense that #11 met #13 in the Sugar Bowl. With 35 bowl games those two teams should get a bowl. And would get a berth in any reasonable playoff system.

You had #6 against #8 in the Cotton Bowl. And #5 against #10 in the Rose Bowl.

Yes, #7 Boise State and #9 South Carolina should have gotten better bowls. If you want to complain about a matchup, it would be #15 against #23 in the Orange Bowl.