Friday, January 13, 2012

Newt Gingrich Goes to Town on Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich spent the fall running a positive campaign, complimenting the other candidates, and staying above the fray. Then in Iowa both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul hit him pretty hard with negative ads.

The big hit is this 30 minute movie, which proves conclusively that people don't like to be laid off from good jobs. You can't help but feel for these people. What you else want to make of that may depend on your point of view.

But Newt has made several other jabs at Mitt:

Negative 30 second ads can be put together quickly. But are we to believe that this 30 minute movie was put together in just the last 2 weeks since the Iowa Caucus, or did Newt start production while he was still hewing to his positive mantra?

The story being told is that the film was shot on spec by Jason Killian Meath, who then approached Newt's Super Pac Winning the Future which "bought the film on Thursday for an undisclosed sum." Meath reportedly made ads for Romney in 2008 when working for a former employer. Perhaps he also lost a good job.

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Anonymous said...

A RHINO calling out a RHINO? How cute.