Monday, August 15, 2011

Twitter Gap Widens Against 2012 Republicans

The Twitter gap uncovered here two months ago has only widened, with Barack Obama adding three followers in the last two months for every one new Republican follower.

CandidateFollowers on 6/15/2011Followers on 8/15/2011
Barack Obama8,628,2739,654,446
Newt Gingrich1,324,9041,327,013
Sarah Palin561,050632,179
Jim DeMint95,266110,421
Michele Bachmann52,10075,731
Mitt Romney51,58071,882
Rick Perry44,43862,895
Ron Paul54,45561,763
Herman Cain43,54258,164
Thaddeus McCotter-19,726
Rick Santorum10,52917,424
Jon Huntsman70411,875
Donald Trump615,671686,929
Mike Huckabee165,040183,523
Mike Bloomberg99,413132,520
Paul Ryan59,09472,073
Bobby Jindal59,59861,530
Chris Christie42,04150,832
Tim Pawlenty40,98148,992
Jeb Bush14,93717,263
Total Republican Followers3,335,3433,702,735

Mitt Romney, the erstwhile Republican frontrunner, is merely in the middle of the pack. Meanwhile, Ron Paul as fallen three notches. Thaddeus McCotter debuts higher than the hapless Rick Sontorum and the phantom Jon Huntsman.

Newt Gingrich is an interesting case. Everyone wants to hear what he has to say but no one wants to vote for him.

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