Friday, August 5, 2011

Rule #1: Don't Vote for the Texan

Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to be President of the United States. And there is the problem, he is a Texan. And if there is anything I've learned in the hard experince of American poltics it is this: Don't vote for the Texan.

Rule #1 is not about party affiliation or ideology. Whether its LBJ, GHWB, or GWB the outcome is the same, Texas-sized promise and cruel disappointment. I'm sure there are Texans who are more cattle than hat, but those Texans don't run for President.

Here is the ad Rick Perry has put together for Iowa:

On the surface, it sounds good, but

(1) Rick Perry is a Texan.

(2) Rick Perry's claims about creating jobs and balancing budgets in Texas have a lot more to do with the price of gasoline going from $1.50 in 2001 to $3.65 in 2011 than about Rick Perry.

(3) The ad talks about creating jobs while a guy wearing a Rolex shucks corn. Is that his jobs plan, Iowans should go back to shucking corn? Nebraska is the cornhusker state.

(4) Then the jobs for Iowa add shows a combine harvesting wheat. Iowa is corn and soybeans. Kansas is the wheat state.

(5) The first 4 seconds of the ad create the unmistakable impression of George W. Bush peeking out from the right side of the screen. Then you find out it's Rick Perry. Subliminal message or another poor production decision?

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