Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gobierno USA Would Like You to Speak Spanish es el portal oficial del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos en español.

What? A portal to an alterntive unverse in which Spanish is the official language of the United States government?

This official video describes how as an illegal immigrant you can fake a social security card and passport, use that to sign up your father and mother for Social Security, and get your sister onto welfare and into college.

The video title "Círculo de Confianza" means, I think, "Circular for Con Artists." It's a public service announcement, or as we must learn to say in official Spanish, "anuncio de servicio público."

Say it isn't so, Gobie.

Ok, my Spanish is a bit rusty, and maybe I am reading to much into the provocative visuals. But where is the English translation?

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