Saturday, January 29, 2011

David Wax Museum to Jawbone Oberon on Thursday

The David Wax Museum is releasing its new CD, Everything is Saved, at Oberon on Thursday, February 3. This show promises to be lively and upbeat, and I promise it won't break any hearts that weren't meant to be broken.

I don't know if you will be able to buy tickets at the door, but you can buy tickets online.

Oberon is at 2 Arrow Street in Cambridge. Take the T to Harvard Square and walk down Mass. Ave. towards Central Square. If you get to the Crate and Barrel furnitue store, youv'e gone to far. Arrow Street comes into Mass. Ave. at an angle from the right.

This is the American Repertory Theater's second stage. But if you are walking towards the A.R.T. main stage on Brattle Street, you are going the wrong way. Fans of The Donkey Show on Saturday night, this is your venue.

I hear they are bringing all the musicians out of the museum for this show. Come out on a midwinter night and watch David wax philosophical while Suze plays the donkey jawbone. Oberon will be jealous.

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