Tuesday, September 21, 2010

President Obama Tries to Rally the Exhausted and Disappointed

President Obama got an earful from a middle class supporter at a recent town hall meeting in Pennsylvania. Velma Hart speaks for a lot of Democrats I have talked to in recent weeks.

And here is President Obama's response to rally the his supporters and rekindle the enthusiasm for the fall election. He summed his party's problem up better even than Ms. Hall saying, "The fact is our job is not yet done."

The spark is there, but I'm not seeing the fire. And that's how the Tea Party may bring down the Democrats. The Tea Party is not so much a grass roots movement as a grass fire. So far the grass fire has burned out a number of establishment Republican candidates in primary elections. Will it also burn out the Democrat candidates in the November general elections? Or will the winds change and the fire burn itself out?

But I wouldn't bet on the wind changing. Democrats, if they want to get reelected to Congress, are going to have to get their own fire burning.

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