Saturday, September 25, 2010

Braille Playboy Found on Red Line Subway Train

You find a Playboy magazine under your subway seat on your way home and you think it's your lucky day. It's Friday so make that a lucky weekend. Until you realize the Playboy is in Braille.

Yes, that's Ashley Dupre on the cover, she's the call girl who brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer back in March 2008. I don't know what he saw in her.

Here's the pictoral spread on Ashley Dupre. Again, I don't see it.

And here's the centerfold for May 2010, playmate of the month Kassie Lyn Logsdon. She does nothing for me either. Am I supposed to run my fingers over the raised dots? ... Oh, my.

1 comment:

Marissa Forbes said...

do you still have it? i would love to buy it from you for a conceptual art series i'm working on.