Monday, September 27, 2010

New Alewife Brook Bike Path Makes the Grade

Construction of a new Alewife Brook Bike Path has been proceeding all summer. Work on the three segments appears to be nearing completion.

The first segment consists of repaving the existing trail that follows the railway tracks from Brighton Street in Belmont to the Alewife T Station in Cambridge.

The new grading includes a retaining wall on one side.

A view of the commuter rail tracks as the path approaches the Alewife T Station and office towers on Cambridgepark Drive.

Only half the path has been widened and regraded.

The old cinder gravel path through the trees and brush continues the rest of the way to Alewife T Station. Presumably this will be widened and regraded too.

The second segment is a new bike path that connects to the Minuteman Bikeway near the Alewife T Station and runs along Alewife Brook on the Arlington side and across Massachusetts Avenue.

The new bike path will connect to the Minuteman Bikeway where it passes under Route 2.

The new bike route was mowed down in July when this picture was taked but has regrown since then.

The new bike path from Route 2 to Massachusetts Avenue.

The path continues from Massachusetts Avenue towards Broadway.

The third segment is a repaving of the bike path that runs along the Alewife Brook Parkway from Massachusetts Avenue to the Mystic Valley Parkway. This will connect to existing bike paths along the Mystic River.

The old path was narrow and had become rough and uneven.

The occassional mudhole was also a problem for bicycle.

In July, the new repaved path begain at Broadway Street.

The new bike path is wider and is raised for better drainage.

There are some nice playgrounds and playing fields along the new bike path.

The bike path continues past the Dilboy Memorial Stadium.

The new bike path ends just past the Dilboy Stadium.

The Mystic River bike path is relatively new cinder gravel.

The Mystic River is a great desitination.

Back towards Boston along the Mystic Valley Parkway, the existing bike path is in reasonably good shape.

These projects are part of a larger regional plan to create a network of bike paths around suburban Boston:

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