Monday, February 15, 2010

Plywood is the New Harvard Square Chic

Plywood is up at for locations around Harvard Square. Plywood can signal remodeling in progress but afraid it may mean broken windows the landlord doesn't want to replace.

Calliope was a children's clothing and toy store, the place for stuffed animals at one of the best locations in the Square.

The old Wordsworth bookstore space has been having trouble finding a stable tenant for some time now. Hope this is a good sign.

Poor Leather World (formerly in the Galeria) has had to compete against the impression from the street that their building has been condemned.

This getting ridiculous for poor Leather World.

The old Bowl and Board is still boarded.

And no evidence of remodeling in progress.

Getting the plywood up there required some initiative, so that's a hopeful sign. But there are also signs of fire.

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