Friday, February 5, 2010

How Do You Do Unemployed?

Here's some Facebook commentary started by someone I know out in flyover country who has just been laid from work.

Status: Hey this SUCKS! I can't believe that I no longer work for XXX company . . . I had been with the company 15-years and 10-months. I had to file my first EVER unemployment claim yesterday. Now I am part of that stupid statistic that I never thought I would be a part of!!!

Comment: well I too did that unemployment thing after you told me about you have to do that every week?

Status: How do you do "unemployed"?

Comment: what the hell? you cant like that! LOL

Comment: unemployed ain't so bad!!!! Get a hobby! LOL

Comment: Take severence & unemployment and look for ur dream job! Sorry to hear about this. Best of luck!

Comment: What the heck???? What happened?! And, you know I can tell you how to "do" unemployed! I'm an expert lately!

Comment: Wow - kind of glad I jumped when I did - hearing of lots of layoffs.

Status: Using up the last bit of my dental insurance..daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled today.

Comment: Hope she feels better, but now you will have to call Obama for some more insurance.

Comment: Yeah - I think it's time to cash in 'my' stimulas plan . . . LOL!!

Comment: in line for that one!

Comment: dont forget to use up all your flex spending acct if you have one. if you use it before its paid falls back on the company. Im getting all my work done this month! Had my crown done last week!

Comment: are you sure about all that?

Comment: You might find out but I think your insurance carries on for 6 months from when you are laid off at least it did with me.

Comment: thats COBRA ...and its $1100 a month for family coverage. I can get us coverage thru BCBS for a 1/3 of that.

Comment: no not cobra when i was laid off my med insurance and stuff carried on for 6 months after lay off. Believe me I have no idea how anyone affords Cobra

Comment: I heard the same thing abt the flex spending from someone that used to work in payroll, use it quick and it will end up back on the company! I'll get more details on it for you tomorrow and let you know.

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