Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada Wins the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

The overtime goal by Canadian Sidney Crosby iced the cake for Canada, giving Canada the gold medal in hockey. But there was more at stake than a hockey medal.

Team Canada went into these Olympic Games with a vow to "own the podium." They had to back off that goal after the first week, but came roaring back in the second week. Yes, Canada finished third in total number of medals. But what counts most is gold medals, and there Canada is the clear winner.

We'll give the overall gold medal to Team Canada, and the silver and bronze medals to Team U.S.A. for winning those two categories. Team Germany, though it had the second most total medals didn't lead any medal categories, so we award them the dreaded fourth place. Norway gets an honorable mention.

Overall results:

United States9151337

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