Monday, February 22, 2016

Get Ready for 3 Weeks of Snowballing Trump

If you thought Donald Trump didn't have a snowball's chance in hell, it's real clear that the ball has begun to gather snow as it rolls downhill:

StateDateDelegatesPoll Lead
NevadaFebruary 2330Trump +21.0%
Georgia March 176Trump +9.7%
TexasMarch 1172Cruz +6.7%
Massachusetts March 142Trump +24.0%
Minnesota March 138Trump +6.0%
Oklahoma March 143Trump +7.5%
Arkansas March 140Cruz +4.0%
Tennessee March 158Trump +4.0%
Alabama March 150Trump +21.0%
Colorado March 137Carson +6.0%
Virginia March 149Trump +6.0%
Alaska March 128Trump +4.0%
Louisiana March 547Carson +4.0%
Kentucky March 545Paul +6.0%
Kansas March 523Christie +13.0%
MichiganMarch 859Trump +19.2%
Mississippi March 840Trump +7.0%
Florida March 1599Trump +21.0%
North CarolinaMarch 1572Trump +9.0%
Illinois March 1569Trump +3.0%
Ohio March 1566Trump +5.0%
Missouri March 1551Trump +12.0%

In other words, Trump is poised to go from 2 wins and 1 loss to 18 wins and 7 losses at the halfway mark of 25 states. Keep in mind, some of these states have not been polled in months, and the favorites have since peaked or dropped out.

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buddeshepherd said...

Ten years ago I would have never have thunk of Donald Trump as a viable conservative candidate. How messed up can we possibly get?
You don't need to answer that quantitatively...