Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mentioned on Althouse, a Telltale Iowa Sunset

Being quoted for a comment I left on Ann Althouse's blog is the blogosphere equivalent of being mentioned in dispatches. It certainly made my week. The Althouse blog is one that, unlike this one, people actually read.

My big coup was detecting she and her husband were in Colorado for spring break. It wasn't too hard to connect the dots. She blogs from Madison, Wisconsin. The first telltale was the picture she posted of an sunset on I-80 in what looked to my native eye to be Western Iowa:


The second was a picture identified as from a McDonald's in Ogallala. That's also on I-80 in Western Nebraska and I've been through several times. Let's just say that no one goes there to see the aquifer.


The third was a photo of an intersection and some mountains. It possibly could have been Cheyenne or Laramie in Wyoming, but there weren't enough pickup trucks. I got rear-ended once at an intersection that looked very much like that in Boulder, Colorado.

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buddeshepherd said...

Well if you got a mention in the Lazy farmer at least 43 grumpy farmers who once owned international pickup trucks would not say anything...