Thursday, March 6, 2014

Emergency, Everybody to Get from Street

No, the Russians weren't coming, but it turned out the Ukrainians were. It started with a city snowplow truck blocking off the street across from my office.

More trucks blocked the next cross street a block down.

The end of that block was lined with barricades and two phalanxes of police motorcycles stood ready to whisk the "high profile" visitor away from his short visit to the City of Cambridge.

Flag waving supporters of Ukraine were there to show their colors. Putin Nyet! One couple asked me to take a picture of them and their baby. "Get the flag in the picture," I was instructed. I was happy to oblige.

And who was the high profile visitor for whom the city shut down a few streets Wednesday afternoon? Let's just say that the leader of the free world occasionally needs the protection of a few dump trucks.

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