Sunday, October 13, 2013

Minute Man National Historical Park is Closed Reopened?

I took a bike ride out to Minute Man National Historical Park today.

The parking lot at North Bridge in Concord was chained off. A line of cars was parked along the road.

The parking lot at Merriam's Corner was also chained. Someone left a note, "Have we forgotten what we fought for in MA? End the Obama tyrannical anarchy.

"Area Closed" a sign announces. "All National Park Service area beyond this point closed to public use and travel because of the government shutdown."

The Old Manse is open, because it is run by The Trustees of Reservations, a Massachusetts charitable organization. The National Park Service would prefer you not ponder too long on that thought.

A few sightseers at the North Bridge.

"Here once the embattled farmers stood, and fired the shot heard round the world."

More sightseers at the North Bridge.

This helpful Tea Party patriot informed me that as I was on the other side of the chain, I was trespassing. It did seem a trifle unfair that I had just twice ridden across the bridge that he had spent the last 5 hours clamoring to be reopened.

"Historic hay field" according to the marker. The colonists hand dug ditches to drain this field so it could grow hay, but it has now been restored to marshland.

One of several closed buildings along Battle Road. I don't have a problem with closed buildings. I do have a problem with purporting to close open public spaces.

A spot called Parker's Revenge. The Lexington militia who were fired on by British soldiers in the morning waited here in ambush for their return.

The east entrance to the Minute Man Park at the base of Fiske Hill. No closed signs.

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