Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Helicopter for the Phishing Expedition is at My Disposal

I got the following email from a hotmail address at 4:42 AM Friday morning:

Subject: Your order N42202 for rotorcraft for the weekend

Your order for our air commuter services has been accepted and processed. The helicopter will be at your disposal from 10.45 p.m. thursday to 2.15 sunday. Once again, the rates are as follows:
1 hour in the air: 609$
Takeoff / Landing: 246$
1 hour idle time on the ground: 129$
Longest fly-time is 5 hours.
When flying for longer distances, a co-pilot is needed, and the cost accordingly grows by 144$ an hour.

Total Due you will be find in the attachment.(Open with Internet Explorer Only) With best wishes Garry Mercado

Fingerprint: 07d638a5-5fd6800a
Here is some good phishing. Outraged at being charged the cost of a helicopter idling at $129 an hour not to mention the extra cost of a co-pilot, I am supposed to open the attachment to find out how much I actually owe.

Now it would have been better if the phisher had capitalized Thursday and Sunday and put the $ dollar signs at the beginning of the amounts rather than the end. And what kind of a lame phishing expedition only runs in Internet Explorer? If I'm going to have my identity stolen and my bank accounts drained, I'd like it done in FireFox or maybe Safari, thank you very much.

Still, my helicopter is at my disposal for the rest of the weekend. And as long as I limit myself to short hops, I won't have the added expense of the co-pilot.

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buddeshepherd said...

I could use a helicopter ride today! What if I seed you way too much money by Western Union and then you send the excess back in a brown paper box!
I meant to say...
I have need of heli services for rescue of family monies entrusted by King George IXXX.
Please send monies by...oh you get the idea