Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cain Wins Again in SC, Gingrich Surges Fourth

All anyone is talking about this week is the new surge by Newt Gingrich. But looking at the support numbers after the debate in South Carolina last night, Newt is definitely surging but still hasn't gotten out of fourth place in adding new support on Facebook, sixth place overall.

CandidateThu 11/10 NoonSun 11/13 NoonPickup
Herman Cain362,749371,5838,834
Mitt Romney1,171,5321,176,6265,094
Ron Paul578,427583,0744,647
Newt Gingrich163,762168,0484,286
Rick Perry170,178170,943765
Jon Huntsman22,41822,897479
Gary Johnson142,816143,063247
Rick Santorum31,81931,958139
Michele Bachmann459,167459,154-13

You don't need to take the Newt Gingrich surge too seriously until he's added the almost 140,000 supporters he needs to cross the Biden Line. At his current pace, that won't happen until February 19, 2012. That's if he can maintain his current pace of adding supporters, he really needs to double it.

Herman Cain continues to run the table, with his fourth win in a row. Foreign policy is supposed to be his weak suit, but apparently he has been studying up.

The big loser at the South Carolina debate was CBS. They televised the first 60 minutes of the 90 minute debate, then preempted the last 30 minutes for its regularly scheduled show NCIS. The abrupt cutoff of live TV coverage sent the political junkies to the website for the live stream, but at least for me it streamed with such fits and starts as to be unwatchable.

"And that's the way it is?" Walter Cronkite might ask.

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