Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unreliable Narrator Was Last Seen at Johnny D's

The fly-by-night folks at Unreliable Narrative put on a Showcase at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville on April 19. What are they, an acting troupe, a musical group, a vaudeville show?

Unreliable Narrative's story was that they were raisng money to benefit their summer tour of "2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical!" Is that a benefit in arrears for summer 2010 or in advance for summer 2011? You'll have to track them down to find out, and will be glad you did.

Mei Ohara delivers her experimental progressive electronica.

A little lesbian kissing while fighting humanity's last gasp against the robot overlords in a little pink virtual house down by the riverside.

Perfect Monster serenades the lovely Brad with "This Thong's for YouTube" - never ask for a volunteer from the audience if your comedy partner can't be trusted.

Honking heap of hogwash crying in the milk bucket, I want those naked pictures of Eleanor Roosevelt too!

I would subtitle this Maine named Oxycontin abuse capital of the United States and think I'll stick to the lower 47.

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