Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Good Friday Night at Toad with Amy Black

I first ran into Amy Black in the audience at Club Passim. In those days Amy Black was honing her band covering other people's songs, a mix of country and bluegrass, contemporary and traditional. I caught one of her shows two years ago at the Bull Run in Shirley and another last year at Sallie O'Brien's in Union Square, Somerville.

Now Amy Black is out with a new CD, One Time, that is loaded with originals. She had her CD release earlier this month, a sold out show at Club Passim. Last night she played two sets at Toad.

Big River is a Johhny Cash song and Amy Black has both the voice and band big enough to cover it well.

Meet Me on the Dance Floor is an Amy Black original that is destined for every honky-tonk dance hall in America.

Reuben is a cover tribute with her sister Corrie Jones to their granddad, Thomas Reuben Jones.

I Can't Play this Game is a song Amy Black says she wrote on her sister's couch, although Amy also swears the song is not about her husband Ryan Black, in case you were wondering.

Ain't No Grave is a traditonal that's also in the Johnny Cash songbook and I can't get enough of those.

Molly worked her fingers to the bones in the Lowell Mills. "Oh Molly, were you happy?"

Well, I was plenty happy with Amy Black at Toad. She has stepped up her music a couple of notches, both in terms of songwriting and performance. While clearly showing the influence of One Time CD producer Lorne Entress, this is what comes from practicing your art over many years. I hope she continues to write new originals and keeps the songbook too.

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