Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barbara Bush Recruits Fellow New Yorkers for Gay Marriage

No, not the Barbara Bush who was married to the first President Bush. It's her granddaughter who is one of the two twin daughters of the second President Bush. Barbara joins her mother Laura in bucking her father by endorsing gay marriage.

I will point out that Barbara becomes eligible to run for President in 2016. I had my money on Jenna, the other Bush twin, who picked an African-American minister from Houston to perform her marriage in 2008. Maybe both are positioning themselves to vie for the Democratic nomination in 2016 to succeed Barack Obama. Or maybe they have in mind remaking the Republican Party.

My theory. Barbara Bush just wanted to get into the six degrees of Kevin Bacon:

It's kind of voyeuristic to read the vile comments posted in response on YouTube. The lefties who still hate President Bush and the righties who can't stand gay marriage need to get a room. Oh, wait, they found one on the internet.

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