Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nancy Pelosi's Going Out of Business Sale

I got one of those emails today that makes you wonder about the awkward timing. It was from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee inviting me to a sale at My Democratic Store. Looks like everything must go before the Nancy Pelosi hands over her Speakership to the new Republican majority in January.

Know Your Power (autographed by Nancy Pelosi)
$42.50You can get this book from for $4.99, so $42.50 is a 750% markup. Has Nancy Pelosi once again overestimated her power?
Know Your Power (not autographed by Nancy Pelosi)
$25.00They've sold out of these so you'll have to spring for the autograph and an extra $17.50.
Red to Blue (autographed)$32.50Suspect Nancy Pelosi won't be selling the sequel Blue Back to Red here.
Third Term (autographed by Paul Begala)$32.50With Nancy Pelosi going into the Minority Leader position, we're sure to be hearing a lot from her about Obama's third Bush term.
Blue Democratic Dog Leash$6.99Nancy Pelosi is long a few leashes now that so many blue dog Democrats have slipped their collars or been defeated.
Speaker Pelosi Blue Twist Pen$.99First Nancy Pelosi twists your arm, then she tells you where to sign.
Men's Black Fleece Jacket$49.950 available. Is someome feeling fleeced or jacked by a black man? I'm just saying.
Proud Democrat Black LS T-Shirt$17.99Only 3 left, but all in the small size. When they're gone, there'll be no proud Democrats left.
We Don't Quit Black T-Shirt$14.99Again with the black sublimimal messages about not compromising?
Ladies' Black Fleece Jacket$55.20Is someone also feeling fleeced by a black lady, not the First Lady I hope?
Ladies' Organic Brown T-Shirt$20.00Excuse me? Is organic brown another dig at the First Lady? Say it isn't so.
A Woman's Place White LS T-Shirt$17.99Nancy Pelosi is a white woman, this is her T-Shirt, and I was starting to think I was reading too much into her color schemes.
Lil' Dem Baby Onesie$14.99Yes, you can get it in the Barney Frank size.

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