Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just What Are Those Crazy Right Wing Bloggers up to Now?

I met conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain back in January during the Scott Brown surge in the U.S. Senate race here in Massachusetts. McCain came all the way up from the deep South to cover the race on his widely read blog The Other McCain (in November his site reached the 5-million-visit milestone).

So what crazy right wing blog stuff is he up to these days? Get this, celebrating the holidays with his family:

I also met Pete DaTech Guy during that race. He blogs out of central Massachusetts. He's gone progressive, setting aside his normally conservative barbershop principles in favor of a hair stylist:

I am thinking about these guys in connection with the extension of the Bush tax cuts for upper income taxpayers, which they both enthusiastically support. The conventional Democratic wisdom is that support for such tax cuts comes from the very rich.

But as I think the the videos above make clear, neither one of these two conservative bloggers is pulling down the $250,000 a year to get into the upper income category from whom Democrats want the extra taxes. Craven self-interest in getting a tax cut is not their motivation. These conservatives support the tax cut for upper income earners for the essentially selfless reason that they believe the tax cuts will grow the economy and help the country.

That's something that I think many Democratic politicians in Washington and big paycheck liberal pundits on television just don't get.

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