Monday, October 25, 2010

SomerStreets Closes Down Somerville Avenue

We were dubious. A celebratiomn of the reconstruction of Somerville Avenue? Big whoopee. Turn Somervile Avenue into Pumpkinville? It's a long street, that would take a lot of pumpkins. A parade? Well, everyone likes a parade.

We will say this: Shutting down Somerville Avenue from Union Square to Beacon Street was a lot of fun. No cars or traffic sounds. Just pedestrians, strollers, dogs, and bicycles. A cool thing to do on an otherwise quiet Sunday. Maybe Somerville should consider doing that for a few hours every Sunday throughout the warmer months.

Does two parents and a baby make a parade?

OK, there were a lot more than three people.

And if Somerville Avenue did not become Pumpkinville, a couple of pumpkins did spectate the event.

And there was a band, so that makes a parade.

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