Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Late October Trip to Fieldston Beach in Marshfield

I've been coming down to Fieldston Beach in Marshfield, Massachusetts for the past nine summers. These last few years have seen some changes, which look ultimately they will be for the positive.

Gerard Farms in Marshfield falls into the category of things that hasn't changed.

A man's castle is a good place to park his boat for the winter.

The seawall is showing its age and starting to erode. This is what is left of the stairway and red cross marker for the old lifeguard station at the end of Hartford Road.

The seawall collapsed a little further down after removal of the stairwell at another street.

The new seawall is taller and thicker at the base. For now, they are replacing it in sections as needed.

The beach is still expansive and beautiful even on a gray day.

Lots of seagull activity is evident in the sand.

The seagulls are after clams, this one had been cracked open and cleaned down to the shell.

The seagulls were also after fish.

And more fish.

Happy Halloween!

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